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General transcription

General Transcription

Although transcription is often associated with the legal sector, our services are bespoke and adaptable to different sectors and contexts.

We can transcribe multi-speaker recordings and different dialects and accents, and we offer a variety of turnaround times to fit in with your work schedule and budget. What is more, all our services are ISO certified giving you peace of mind that we will always deliver on quality and security.


We are skilled at transcribing from audio and video recordings of any length and from all media types, both digital and physical. Where possible, we can enhance the quality of poor recordings to improve results.

Transcription style

We will produce the transcript in the style you need and using a template of your choice:

  • Our full verbatim service includes every word and sound uttered.
  • If you want a more readable transcript opt for intelligent verbatim. This style stays true to the voice and intended meaning of the speakers, while omitting fillers (ums, ahs, ers etc) so it captures what is said rather than how it was said.
  • Our summary service is useful for summarising the essential content of lengthy recordings and can include full verbatim for critical parts.

Levels of security

Our in-house transcription areas are highly secure and recommended for assets marked as ‘Official-Sensitive’ and above. Our freelance transcribers are based within the UK, are security cleared and have signed confidentiality agreements. Find out more about quality and security assurance.

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